What Are You Looking At?
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Thank you for visiting this site. We’re interested in what young adults (16-24 years old) have to say about their past and present use of the Internet.

You may have seen the recent newspaper headlines calling for government to protect young people from online pornographic content. Well-meaning adults have had plenty to say about young people, the dangers they face online and what needs to be done, but too often young people’s voices have been missing from the debate.

With this research we want to try to understand how young people like you feel about your experiences – what positive or negative experiences have you had? do you feel at risk? do you want protection and of what kind? We hope hundreds of young people will fill in our survey, the more we can gather, the more our results will mean something in the on-going public debates on this issue.

The researchers behind this questionnaire are Clarissa Smith, Feona Attwood and Martin Barker. We want to explore how young people feel about sexually explicit content online.

We want to know some very simple things, like what you’ve viewed, how you found it, how you felt and what this might have meant to your feelings about sex, your body, and relationships.

The information we collect here will, we hope, contribute to better and more complete understandings of young people’s experiences online. All information submitted will be treated confidentially and anonymously. It’s unlikely that you will know who we are so you can find out about us – via this [LINK], which also gives information about our previous work in this area.

Once the project is completed (towards the end of 2012), it will be made widely available, including via this website.

Please pass this link on to anyone you think might like to help us with this research.

Thank you!

Clarissa, Feona & Martin